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About Us 

Animal Advocates of Sauk County (AASC) was founded in November of 2014 by a group of Sauk County, WI residents who are dedicated to all animals and were dissatisfied with the services of the local Sauk County Humane Society. Our group's goal is to create a more humane community for all Sauk County animals and residents through advocacy, education, and compassionate support.​ 

Just ASCC (ask)

We provide a helping hand and a voice for the pet-owners of Sauk County. Whether residents need temporary food or medical assistance for their pet, training advice, help to find a lost pet or re-home a pet, low cost spay/neuter programs, or help with feral cats, we are here to offer assistance and resources.


Officers: President – Gretchen Butts, Vice President – Cindy Bartels, Treasurer – Cyndie Rasmussen, Secretary – Jan Spredemann

Board of Directors: JoAnn Holston, Sandy Stiemke  

​​Join the crew that's making AASC happen!

​Do you want to make a difference to a special community?
Volunteer for AASC.


We really appreciate your interest in helping us support the animals and residents of Sauk County. Thank you! We'll be in touch shortly.

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