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Meet Your Match

While AASC is not a shelter and does not currently house animals, we love to see all of Sauk County's adoptable animals find their forever homes. If you are looking to add a furry friend to your home (or barn—we want feral kitties to find a loving home too!) check out the animals below. Click on an image to read more about the pet's personality and story. 

Liability Disclaimer

AASC serves only as an online platform via which people may search for and list pets available for rehoming. By using this site you acknowledge and agree that AASC is not a party to any agreements entered into between parties and that AASC will not work as an agent for those parties. All parties work directly with each other. AASC has no control over the behavior or conduct of pets, pet owners, those seeking pets or any users of the site, and AASC entirely disclaims all liability in this regard. AASC is solely a platform and you are wholly responislbe for your undertakings with any other party that you connect with via the site. 

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