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Our group's goal is to create a more humane community for all Sauk County animals and residents through advocacy, education, and compassionate support.​ We believe that education is the at the forefront of that. This page provides a list of resources for Sauk County residents that will aid in providing care and training for your pets and assistance should you find yourself in a situation where you may feel you can no longer keep your pet. Please check back often as we continue to add to this page.


The following animal welfare non-profit agencies have spay/neuter clinics and offer a variety of low-cost options. Please contact the clinic for details on rates, other services, or to make an appointment. This list is provided as a resource and does not imply endorsement by AASC.
Madison Cat Project

Provides low-cost spay/neuter options through spayathons, held on either the west side or east side of Madison, one Saturday a month. All cats will be ear tipped to identify them as having been sterilized.
Fees:  A $25 donation is requested for spay or neuter and FVRCP and rabies vaccination. 

Procedure: To schedule an appointment please email Walk-ins at spayathons will not be accepted. 


Spay Me! Clinic

Provides low-cost spay/neuter options, vaccines, dental services and  heart worm treatments. 

Fees: see web site for prices
To schedule an appointment please book online at or call 608-224-1400.

Ocooch Mountain Humane Society

OMHS is currently providing spay and neuter vouchers to low-income individuals and families who cannot afford the usual cost of spay and neuter surgeries. How does the voucher work?  After an application is submitted, a voucher and instructions are sent via mail.  Voucher recipients schedule an appointment with a participating veterinarian service. Voucher recipients are responsible for the amount, or co-pay, on the voucher and are encouraged to inquire about vaccine costs and an estimate of all charges while scheduling the appointment. The co-pay, vaccinations, and any additional fees must be paid at the time of services by the voucher recipient.
Participating vet services:
Richland Veterinary Service, LLC., 608-647-8944

Shireman Veterinary Clinic, Ltd., 608-647-6333
Barcee Veterinary Clinic, 608-627-1442
Riverdale Veterinary Clinic, 608-739-3123
Spring Green Animal Hospital, 608-588-3535
Eligibility Requirements:Anyone living in Richland County or the surrounding area that does not have the financial resources to have their pet altered. 

Fees: Please call for information
Procedure: Please call 608-604-9554, or mail an application to: S/N Program, P.O. Box 229, Richland Center, WI  53581



Life happens. Should you find yourself in the situation of not being able to provide food for your pet. Contact us at for assistance. 



We can not stress enough that the best pet care takes place when you find a local veterinarian and establish a relationship with that Dr. If you are new to the area or just seeking a veterinarian in your area you may find this listing of veterinarians in Sauk county and the surrounding area helpful.


Research shows that up to 48% of domestic abuse victims delay leaving an abusive relationship because they have no safe place for their animals. Countless victims stay with their abuser to protect their animals. is located in Madison, WI and provides temporary homes for pets whose owners are in the middle of relocating due to an abusive relationship. 

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